Riding to Raise Awareness

Why does #PedalingAgainstPoaching Exist?

What's this all about?

Pedaling Against Poaching Exists to raise awareness about the horrors of Rhino Poaching, and the plight of all 5 remaining species of Rhino. Click the button below for the full story.....

Look at this GORGEOUS pendant!!

Crafted with love, and passion by Ruth Sutcliffe, coming to you from Yorkshire England! This one of a kind, handmade pendant was graciously donated to help save rhinos! Click the link below to see more of her incredible creations. This piece SOLD in the blink of an eye! THANK YOU Ruth, and to the lucky new owner!!

We have Expanded!!

I am super excited to announce the addition of some Rhino Warriors from Minnesota! 

Anna and Kevin and Norman (the pig) Gonzales to the family! 

Stay tuned for updates about upcoming projects, promotions, and victories! 

Having said that... we will be getting creative, to include many activities, events, and promotion in addition to mountain biking!

We can’t protect rhinos without your help, and Rhinos cannot protect themselves from these heinous criminals.

While there is no overnight solution to solve the poaching crisis. 

It will take a huge effort from a conglomerate of caring people from around the globe, working together in harmony to get things done. 

let's do this.... Can't Stop, Won't Stop!!

This 12 month Journey....so far....

Most Recent Rides

105 miles for the week

20 miles at South Mountain in a SANDSTORM

23 miles Night Ride at McDowells

20 miles Night Critter Crawl at Hawes

2 days on the spin bike, due to scary weather

Year to Date Miles


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My Virtual African Trek!

The Virtual Trek:

Starting at the Northern Most point, in Tunisia, and finishing on the southern tip, I will need to ride more than 5000 miles of trail throughout 2018,to cumulatively complete this journey.

Today's Virtual Stop: MOXICO Angola

Moxico Province

Area: 86,110 mi²
Founded: 1917
Population: 230,000 (2008)
Capital: Luena
Area code: 254

Progress updates:

Year to Date Totals 8.12.18

Miles: 3484

# of rides:136

Time: 302H 11M

Elevation Gain: 160,046'


T shirts are available!!

Each T Shirt sale will help protect rhinos! all proceeds will become a donation to the Pedaling Against Poaching Global Giving Charity!! get yours today...and get some for your friends too! 

Check out Undaunted Clothing, by clinking the link below...

Check out All the MILES that the Strava Club has completed YTD!

the Strava Club has logged an astonishing 62,759 miles, YTD!!!

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Pedaling Against Poaching

(602) 695-5276


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