Why does #PedalingAgainstPoaching Exist?

What's this all about?


Pedaling Against Poaching Exists to raise awareness about the horrors of Rhino Poaching, and the plight of all 5 remaining species of Rhino. Click the button below for the full story.....

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Ride with me March 31st at noon,at Cyclebar in Chandler


Special Event! Spin with me and the Cyclebar crew for a one hour, kick ass workout, and HELP RHINOS! your $25 Ride Fee will be 100% rolled into a donation to Pedaling Against Poaching, which will be used to support anti poaching units and rhino orphanages in South Africa! Seats are limited, sign up today!! click the link below to join us!

Cyclebar Event: sign up NOW!

Rolling on - in 2019


2018 was a busy year for Pedaling Against Poaching. I completed 5520 miles on the bike, and we raised over $14k to help protect rhinos! I have been lucky enough to meet some amazing folks from all over the globe!Pedaling Against Poaching continues to grow day by day, and I am always looking for help, so hit me up! My ride goals for 2019 will be 5500 miles... can't' stop, won't stop

my 2019 Journey....so far....

Most Recent Rides

M: 20.3 at CB

T: 24.2 at CB

S: 27.3 in Prescott - Ranch Trail

S: 30.2 Pima & Dynamite

My 2019 Miles


Find out how you can help

Riding Bikes for our Wildlife

my goal: 100+ miles per week.


We need to look after all of the keystone species of the world. Pedaling Against Poaching is aligned with organizations from around the world that prioritize the protection of these amazing animals. 

Project News


I will be working closely with HelpingRhinos.org, and the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. The babies at Zululand need to be cared for around the clock. Pedaling Against Poaching has been working hard to help support all their efforts! 


Progress updates:


Year to Date Totals 3.24.19

Miles: 1177

# of rides: 49

Time: 100h 15m

Elevation Gain: 43,379'




T shirts are available!!

Each T Shirt sale will help protect rhinos! all proceeds will become a donation to the Pedaling Against Poaching Global Giving Charity!! get yours today...and get some for your friends too! 

Check out Undaunted Clothing, by clinking the link below...

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the Strava Club has logged an astonishing 152,930 since 1.1.18

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Pedaling Against Poaching

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