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Why does #PedalingAgainstPoaching Exist?

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Pedaling Against Poaching Exists to raise awareness about the horrors of Rhino Poaching, and the plight of all 5 remaining species of Rhino. Click the button below for the full story.....

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Me O My Earth, the best garment for both babies and for the earth


Me O My Earth combines the highest quality fabric that cares for both newborn infants, and mother nature.  

Me O My Earth aims to create the best eco-friendly baby garments in the world – and for the world. Our products are entirely made of certified organic cotton, spandex and Repreve, recycled polyester, including recycled plastic bottles.

It’s clothing, reborn. 

Each garment supports the child who wears it, and the endangered animal community. This is how you can put your stamp on the world for the next generation. 

Me O My Earth believes in nature and the power of giving back to the next generation. The babies who will wear our garments today will inherit our world tomorrow.  It’s our responsibility not only to clothe and take care of them now, but to take care of the world for their future.   

To that end, each of our garments feature an endangered animal, with our first collection focusing on the rhino.  Each collection will be giving money back to an organization that supports the endangered species on the garment. 

link to Me O My Earth

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REPREVE is the leading, most trusted, branded performance fiber made from recycled materials, including plastic bottles. REPREVE transforms recycled bottles into an amazing fiber used by the world's leading brands to make apparel and materials, including Ford, Patagonia and many more. The process embeds properties like wicking, adaptive warming and cooling, water repellency, and more at the fiber level.

Compared to the normal industrial clothing process, making a blend of organic cotton and REPREVE offsets using petroleum, emits fewer greenhouse gases and conserves water and energy. That makes a big difference for our future

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my 2019 Journey....so far....

Most Recent Rides

W: Hiking in Moab

T: Hiking in Moab

F: Hiking in Canyonlands NP

Saturday: McDowells

Sunday: West Side = Buckeye

My 2019 Miles


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Riding Bikes for our Wildlife

my goal: 100+ miles per week.


We need to look after all of the keystone species of the world. Pedaling Against Poaching is aligned with organizations from around the world that prioritize the protection of these amazing animals. 

Project News


I will be working closely with HelpingRhinos.org, and the Zululand Rhino Orphanage. The babies at Zululand need to be cared for around the clock. Pedaling Against Poaching has been working hard to help support all their efforts! 


Progress updates:


Year to Date Totals 5.27.19

Miles: 2131

# of rides: 90

Time: 176H 41M

Elevation Gain: 81,381'




T shirts are available!!

Each T Shirt sale will help protect rhinos! all proceeds will become a donation to the Pedaling Against Poaching Global Giving Charity!! get yours today...and get some for your friends too! 

Check out Undaunted Clothing, by clinking the link below...

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the Strava Club has logged an astonishing 152,930 since 1.1.18

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