Why does #PedalingAgainstPoaching Exist?

What's this all about?


My name is Jeff Harrison. I am really just a regular guy.....I am an avid mountain biker, married with no kids, and three wonderful dogs, I live in Arizona, and have discovered a passion for protecting wildlife.

It all began when I stumbled across some images of a baby rhino, that was standing next to the corpse of his mother, recently murdered by poachers. My Mind raced with thoughts of what this calf had just witnessed. I looked on in horror. I was sickened by the pictures, and I began to get very angry. It was at that moment that I realized that we can't just assume that "someone else"  will cure the world of this terrible problem. It was time for me to take action. I really wanted to help, to really make a difference...but how can I juggle the normal day to day life in AZ, and help animals on the other side of the globe? 

My Mission:

My main focus right now is to increase awareness of the senseless and tragic poaching of Rhinoceros, for their horn. I commit to spread the word about the Rhino poaching epidemic, and to let people know how they can help fight the good fight. These Critically Endangered Animals are in desperate need of our help now more than ever.

My Plan: 

To ride my mountain bike the equivalent in miles, the length of Africa, from the Northern most point, to the Southern tip. Over 5000 miles. I will be riding most of my miles in and around my home State of Arizona. My journey will be logged, with progress updates along the way. Donations can be made based upon miles that I ride on my bike. Donors can select a time period (day/week/month/year) and pledge a monetary amount that will be multiplied by the number of miles complete in the selected time frame. 

Supporters will have the ability to direct where the donated funds will be applied across the different facets of Rhino protection. Example, cover costs of caring for orphan Rhinos, pay for food and lodging for the wonderful people who dedicate their lives to anti poaching units, veterinary aid, transportation, etc. 

More details to follow as this plan comes together over the coming days/weeks, including how other riders can get involved and also raise awareness and funds.

Thank you for joining me on my journey!

Why Poaching must STOP!


The hunting and poaching of rhinos is nothing new – it has been going on for centuries. But the current level of poaching and dramatic increase in rhinos being lost to the poachers is leaving the species in very real danger of becoming extinct in the very near future.

In 2007 just 13 rhinos were lost to poachers in South Africa (that is still 13 too many), however by 2014 that number had risen to 1,215 – a 9,246% increase in just 7 years!

The rhino is poached for its horn which is used in Traditional Asian Medicine (TAM), with Vietnam and China being the main ‘destination’ countries of rhino horn.  In more recent times, rhino horn is also being used as a status symbol by the middle class population, particularly in Vietnam.  The horn is used for remedies outside of TAM, such as curing a hangover!

How Can You Help, and How are Donated Funds Used?


NEWS UPDATE: Again, the last full moon was devastating for Rhinos. Poachers take advantage of the moonlight to kill rhinos for their horn. Multiple killings occurred, 7 were found killed, and butchered in just one location! this needs to stop!  Helpingrhinos.org is an amazing site that you need to check out. on their site you can learn everything that you need to know about rhinos, updates on all the great things that are happening to help rhinos, and all the awesome projects that they are involved in to fight for these incredible animals. 

Much needed Donations are starting to roll in. Many thanks to those of you that were able to donate!! Click the "Click here to Donate" button above, to go directly to the Global Giving Site. 

All funds that are raised will be applied to the different tasks involved in protecting rhinos. For example, most funds will go to support the all-women Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit in South Africa and some will go to supporting other anti-poaching groups. These monies will cover costs of food and lodging for the wonderful people that dedicate their lives to anti-poaching units, veterinary aid of affected animals, transportation, and other support costs.